Sensei Narender Singh Mor

Top Experienced Administrator @NKAI 

Sensei Narender Singh Mor Godan National Chief of WADO RYU and NATIONAL KARATE ACADEMY INDIA.

Sensei Mor has an experience of working in multi designated area, Presently he is the Chairman, PR Commission of Karate Association of India and President, National Karate Academy India.  

Sensei Mor has started the Karate carrier as an athlete at very young age and won many competitions of Traditional Karate as well as WUKO (SPORTS KARATE). Learnt Wado Ryu Karate from Sensei Gunashekar and received Shodan in the year 1994. Presently bearing Godan under the legacy of Grand Master Hironori Otsuka III. Sensei Mor has received Sandan in Shorin Ryu and Nidan in Goju Ryu also Graded Godan by AIKF in the year 2008.

As an administrator Sensei Mor is leading many organizations viz;

·         President of National Martial Arts Committee India,

·         Vice President, Gymnastics Federation of India.

·         Joint Secretary of Haryana Olympic Association.  

·         Secretary General, Gymnastics Haryana Association,

·         Vice President, Karate Traditional Haryana Association,

·         Honorary Director, Haryana State Athletics Association,

·         Vice President, Association of Taekwondo Haryana

·         Vice President, Haryana State Wushu Association

Earlier also Sensei Mor served many organizations viz;

·       Treasurer and Secretary General of All India Karate Do Federation,

·        Secretary General, Haryana State Karate Association.

Sensei Mor worked closely with many mega events on designated tasks and Jobs Viz:

·       Chiarman, TSR Committee, 21st Haryana State Games 2007, Sirsa

·        Served Indian Amateur Boxing Federation as Director Training, 

·   Worked as Sports Information Supervisor during the Commonwealth Games -2010,

·  Office in-charge and Manager for Haryana Teams during 33rd National Games in the year 2007, Guwahati, Assam .

·  General Teams Manager Haryana 34th National Games 2011, Jharkhand.

·       Director, Indian Olympic Association President’s Office.

·   Deputy Chef De Mission of Haryana Contingent for 35th National Games held at Kerala,

·       Director Competition, Boxing, 35th National Games 2015 Karala.

·      Chief Coordinator, Dangal 1 Crore 2015, 2016, 2017 conducted by Haryana Government.

·     Director, Games Technical Conduct Committee of 12th South Asian Games-2016.

·     Delegate from Indian Olympic Association for RIO Olympic Games-2016

·  T.O. Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games- 2017, Ashghabat, Turkmenistan.

·  Represented Indian Olympic Association and Haryana Olympic Association at Various crucial points.




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