The Youngest GODAN @NKAI

Sensei Donald Tyson

5th DAN National Chief of Arakawa Stanly WADO KAIIndia. 

Sensei Donald Tyson started training in Karate at the very young age of 2, at the capable hands of his father, the late Renshi Stanly Cruz who was the founder of Wadokai in India. Sensei Tyson went on to receive his black belt at the age of 5. At the age of 13, he received his 1st Dan Black Belt from the Japan Karate Federation, becoming the youngest person in India to receive a black belt from the JKF, and also won the Gold Medal at the Tokyo Cup. 

Successive grading were quick to follow, with him securing his  2nd Dan at the age of 14 and the 3rd at the age of 21. He also won Bronze medal at the Wado world Cup in which 48 countries participated, becoming the first Indian ever to do so. He then received his 4th dan JKF at the age of 26 and the 5th dan JKF at the age of 28, becoming the  the youngest JKF Black belt holder in the world. He holds the honor of being the youngest JKF Instructor and certified Examiner. He has also won numerous Karate events at the District, State and National Levels in India. 

Apart from his father, sensei Tyson has also received extensive personal training from Sensei Koichi Shimura, special training in the art of Kumite from Sensei Toshiaki Maeda, and training in JKF Wado Ryu Kihon and Kata from the late Hanshi Toru Arakawa. He is now the youngest Style Chief of Wado Ryu in India.


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